Akuafoil Golf Ball Boxes

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Fit small promotional items into our Akuafoil Golf Ball Boxes. Made of thick, durable stock printed with our unique Akuafoil metallic inks under 4-color process. With straight tuck flaps and edge locks, they can fit up to three golf balls (or anything similarly sized!). Easy to assemble, with no glue required.
  • Size
    • 1.7" x 1.7" x 5"
  • Stock
    • 18PT C1S
  • Colorspec
    • 5/0 (4/0 with Foil on Front)
  • Coating
    • UV Coating Front Only
    • No Coating
  • Digital Proofs
    • PDF Proofs (per set)
  • Job Samples
    • Sample of Completed job (per set)
  • Turnaround Time
    • 7 Business Days
File Preparation: For specific instructions see our FAQ’s (e.g. Akuafoil and Spot UV).
Resolution: 300dpi
Color Mode: CMYK
Bleed: 0.125” (0.625 on each side)
File Types: PDF (recommended), JPG, EPS and TIFF
1.75" x 1.75" x 5"
Edge Lock