Instant Rewards Program

At 4over, you get doubly appreciated for your business! In addition to our popular Loyalty Program, which rewards your collective purchases with a percentage discount, we also offer an Instant Rewards Program. With every transaction, you earn points that can be applied just like cash—as soon as your very next purchase. You can start redeeming them as soon as you reach 100 points!

Enroll to Earn

Getting started is easy—we actually pre-enroll you so that you start collecting points with your very first purchase. If you haven’t already accepted the Terms and Conditions when you registered on the 4over website, you’ll be offered a chance again the first time you check on your Instant Rewards points status online or apply them at checkout. It’s really that simple!

Pile Up the Points

You’ll receive five Instant Rewards points for each dollar you spend on any eligible transaction*. So if you spend $20, you’ll receive 100 points after your order ships. Every set of 100 points you collect is worth $1 that can be applied to the cost of a future purchase.

Points are awarded based on the grand total minus shipping, tax, discounts, and account credit. Your points are earned the moment when there are no non-invoiced items in the order (in other words, when all items are either paid or canceled). 

Rewards Points cannot be given or awarded (or will be recaptured and voided if already awarded), for the following:

  • Cancelled orders
  • Orders that are not fully paid
  • Shipping and handling charges
  • Any and all applicable taxes
  • Refunded orders

*Most 4over transactions qualify for Instant Rewards points; see the program’s Terms and Conditions for exceptions.

What’s My Balance?

We don’t send out paper or digital Instant Rewards statements, but you can always view your points balance via your account dashboard. Just click the link and your balance and balance history will appear.

Redeem Your Rewards

Ready to save? Instant Rewards Points earned on an eligible order(s) are available for redemption as soon as that order has been shipped to the designated shipping address. That’s just another way that 4over’s quick turnaround benefits your business!

Points are redeemed at checkout and applied to an order like “cash”. If you have a balance of 100 or more points, you will see the option to use them at checkout in the Payment Method area. Your balance (which must be applied in full) and the monetary equivalent of this balance will be displayed. Redeemable reward points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards, and more. If the value of your points is higher than the cost of your order, then that order will be FREE, and any points left over will remain part of your balance.

  • Example 1: You have $20.00 worth of points saved, and your order is $35.00. After you apply your points, the actual cost is $15.00.
  • Example 2: You have $50.00 in points but make a $45.00 order. After applying your points, that order is free; plus you still have $5.00 in rewards points left for a future order.

Be sure to carefully review the points applied prior to your actual purchase. Once applied, usage is final and cannot be changed or credited back.

Please Note: Instant Rewards points DO expire—12 calendar months from the date on which they were first earned—so don’t let them pile up too long! Also, if your 4over customer account has no completed purchase activity for six (6) consecutive months, your Instant Rewards balance will reset to zero (and the lost points cannot be recovered).


While we’ve outlined the basics above, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Instant Rewards Program rules, terms and conditions included here. If you have any questions about the rules that are applicable to your situation, please check in the sections below, or contact a 4over customer service representative.

  • General

    Participation in the 4over Instant Rewards Program (“Rewards Program”) is available to all 4over customers at no cost. A Rewards Program point tracker is established for each registered 4over website customer and will record Rewards Program points each time an eligible purchase is made. As these points accumulate, they can be redeemed for dollar value credit against the cost of future print jobs (shipping and taxes excluded). All of 4over's customers will be pre-enrolled in the Rewards Program and provisional Rewards Program points will begin to accrue for all purchases made after pre-enrollment. Actual enrollment, and the right to redeem accumulated points, is conditioned upon agreement to and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of 4over's principal website, and all other applicable 4over terms and conditions. You will be asked to agree to these Terms and Conditions before you can access the 4over Rewards Program in your customer account area and/or when you attempt to redeem any Rewards Program points that have accumulated. By redeeming Rewards Program points, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions effective on the date of redemption. Membership in the Rewards Program is optional, and you may elect not to participate.

    These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. Unless otherwise stated, the current terms and conditions in effect at the time of your redemption of any points, a request for any benefit that may be available to Rewards Program members, and/or any other applicable transaction under the Rewards Program, will govern that transaction.

  • Program Eligibility

    The only prerequisite for Participation in the Rewards Program is the existence or establishment of a valid 4over customer account. Please note that 4over reserves the right to terminate and/or refuse Participation in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and other applicable rules and regulations.

  • Membership

    Once you are pre-enrolled, Rewards Program points for every eligible transaction will be provisionally credited and accrue in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Your actual Rewards Program Participation and the right to use or redeem Rewards Program points or receive any other benefit that is or may be part of or offered by the Rewards Program requires that you affirmatively accept these Terms and Conditions. If you redeem the Rewards Program points credited to you, then you are affirmatively accepting these Terms and Conditions. Once you have accepted these Terms and Conditions you will keep all of the Rewards Program points provisionally credited to you, and Rewards Program points will continue to accrue in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    You may choose to not to accept these Terms and Conditions; however, if you decline to accept these Terms and Conditions you will not be eligible to participate in the Rewards Program, your pre-enrollment will be cancelled, any Rewards Program points provisionally credited to you will be void, and you will not continue to accrue any useable Rewards Program points. If you later decide that you would like to participate in the Rewards Program, please contact 4over Customer Service at or call 1-877-782-2737. Please note: If you elect not to participate and later change your mind, participation will not be back-dated and past purchases are not eligible for points credit.

  • Eligible Transactions

    Subject to the exceptions listed in these Terms and Conditions, all of your purchases from 4over are eligible for Rewards Program points. Please note, however, that shipping and handling charges and taxes are not eligible to receive awards points under any circumstances and will be excluded in calculating the number of Rewards Points on any given transaction. Rewards Program points are awarded only on the actual amount paid for any given order; after discounts, special offers, etc. are taken into account and excluding shipping and handling and taxes. By way of example, a regular priced item for $250.00, with 20% off coupon would cost $200.00, plus shipping and taxes (if applicable). Rewards Program points will only be awarded on the $200 actual cost.

    4over is the final authority on whether a transaction qualifies for an award of Rewards Program points and reserves the right to deduct Rewards Program points from a member's balance at any time if points are credited in error.

    If you have a negative balance due to the recapture of previously awarded points, Rewards Program points for all orders placed while the balance remains negative will be credited to the negative balance and are not eligible for redemption. Placement and subsequent cancellation of one or more orders, or any portion thereof, for the purpose of accruing and then redeeming Rewards Program points, is grounds for account termination at 4over’s sole discretion.

    Under no circumstance will Rewards Program points be retroactively credited to a balance.

  • Rewards Status Access

    Customers may access their Rewards Program points and review the accrued balance simply by accessing their normal 4over account. A preview of the accrued points will be displayed on your account dashboard. Your 4over account can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers may also give their employees a predetermined level of access by inviting them to create their own login information. You are responsible for the selection and use of your account password. 4over recommends that you do not divulge your account number and/or password to anyone. If you do, you will be and are solely responsible for any actions that the person or entity receiving this information takes with respect to your account password, including, without limitation any transactions within your 4over customer account, any redemption of accrued Rewards Program points in your, any violation(s) of these Terms and Conditions and/or all other applicable 4over rules and regulations, and any disclosure or details of your account(s) or further disclosure of your account number and/or password that may occur. 4over is not and shall have no liability for any losses or damages of any kind or nature, resulting from unauthorized access to, or use of, your 4over account or password.

  • Transferability/Prohibitions/Termination

    Accrued Rewards Program points are non-transferable. Only one person or entity may be enrolled per Account for the Rewards Program. No customer may participate in more than one Rewards Program.

    The sale or barter of Rewards Program points, account credits, or any other benefit of the Rewards Program, by or among Rewards Program members is expressly prohibited. Rewards Program points, account credits, or any other benefit of the Rewards Program that are acquired via prohibited sales or barter transactions are void.

    4over reserves the right to terminate your Participation in the Rewards Program at any time if you violate these Terms and Conditions or any other applicable 4over rule or regulation, including without limitation to engaging in a prohibited sale or barter transaction. Termination of your Participation, for any reason, will result in the loss of all your accumulated Rewards Points, the cancellation of any unused Rewards Program points on any other pending redemption transactions, and the loss of all other Rewards Program benefits, of any kind.

    Terminated members are not eligible to participate in any aspect of the Rewards Program including, without limitation, any special promotions. In lieu of termination, 4over may, at its sole discretion, deduct Rewards Program points from your balance and/or cancel unused Rewards Program points and/ or cancel other pending redemption transactions, but permit you to continue participating in the Rewards Program. Members whose participation has been terminated for any reason may not participate again without 4over's prior approval. If 4over determines that a new account has been opened for the benefit of a previously terminated member, even if the account is not held in that previously terminated member's name, the account is subject to termination.

  • Program Changes

    4over reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions and the Rewards Program rules, benefits, regulations, points award levels, and any applicable special offers, at any time and without notice. This means, for instance, that 4over can change the manner in which Rewards Program points are earned and/or redeemed. Such changes may include modifications that, among other things, (i) alter the Rewards Program points credits or other benefits that can be earned on any given transaction on or after the date of change, (ii) alter the value of already accumulated Rewards Program points or other benefits of the Rewards Program for redemption purposes or otherwise, and/or (iii) alter or eliminate the eligible transactions and that Rewards Program points can be redeemed against. Unless otherwise stated, the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards Program in effect at the time you redeem Rewards Program points or otherwise request an available benefit or other transaction, will govern that transaction.

    Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on this website. It is your responsibility and you are encouraged to check in regularly to see if there have been any updates. 4over assumes no responsibility or obligation to provide prior, contemporaneous or subsequent notice of changes in the Rewards Program or these Terms and Conditions. In the event 4over does elect to provide notice of any particular change to the Rewards Program or these Terms and Conditions, it does not assume any responsibility or obligation to provide notice of any other or further changes to the Rewards Program or these Terms and Conditions, of any kind or nature, and/or or at any time.

    4over reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Program in its entirety on 3 months’ notice. In the event the Rewards Program is terminated, notice will be posted on 4over's website.

  • Account Inactivity & Points Expiration

    Rewards Program points expire 12 calendar months from the date on which they were first earned.

    If your 4over customer account has no purchase activity (i.e., the placement of an order that proceeds to fulfillment, delivery, acceptance and payment) for six (6) consecutive months it will result in the termination of your Rewards Program participation and the loss of all accrued but unused Rewards Program points you have earned but not redeemed.

    The redemption of Rewards Program points for does NOT constitute a purchase activity in your 4over customer account.

    If your Rewards Program participation is terminated due to six months of purchase inactivity and you then place an order with 4over, Rewards Program points will once again begin to accrue starting with this newest transaction—subject to your reconfirming your agreement with these Terms and Conditions. Previously accrued but deleted Rewards Program points will not be reinstated. It is your responsibility to monitor and ensure that your Rewards Program participation is not terminated and any accrued Reward Program points are not lost due to account inactivity. 4over assumes no obligation or responsibility of any kind, at any time, to notify you of the activity or inactivity of your account, that your participation in the Rewards Program will be or has been terminated, and/or that any accrued Rewards Program points will be or have been lost.

  • Contact Information Changes

    You are responsible for updating and advising 4over of any change of name, e-mail, phone number and/or postal address on your applicable 4over account. Without undertaking any obligation to do so, 4over reserves the right to update the address for any member's account using the National Change of Address (NCOA) data filed by relocating postal customers.

    You may update your account contact information by logging on to your account via You can also update your account contact information by contacting 4over customer service at or call 1-877-782-2737.

    Supporting legal documentation may be required for any name change requests. 4over shall have no liability for any errors, losses or damages of any kind or nature, resulting from your failure to update your account information.

  • Account Discrepancies

    You are responsible for verifying that Rewards Program points for qualifying activity is credited to you. All discrepancies must be reported in writing within 60 days of the date of activity. Verbal notification of discrepancies is not accepted. You should maintain copies of qualifying transactions for your records until the appropriate Rewards Program points credit appears in your available balance.

    To report or discuss a discrepancy contact 4over customer service at or call 1-877-782-2737.