About LRPI (Loyalty Rewards Points Indicator)

The Loyalty Program rewards customers with Loyalty Reward Points based on their loyalty to the 4over brand. The customer's Loyalty Program level is determined using a sophisticated algorithm whose function relates to an individual's overall relationship with 4over. The algorithm is based on your membership period, order volume, dollars spent on orders, frequency and more.

How LRPI works

The white marker shows you what your loyalty level currently is and it will not change until the beginning of the next month. The silver needle indicates what your loyalty level would be if it were updated on that day. This is a dynamic dial, so for the best results check it out 3-4 days before the end of the month. At the beginning of the next month your new level is calculated and set for the month.

It operates on the same principal as a gas gauge. If the needle is moving down to the left, it could be time to "fuel up." If the needle is moving up to the right, your rating is increasing and you are on track. If the needle is at the junction of two loyalty levels, this will let you know if you are close to going up or down a level.

How often are loyalty levels adjusted?

Your current loyalty level is updated on the first of every month.

How current is the LRPI?

The LRPI is updated frequently. The white marker indicates your current level as of the first of the month. The silver needle tells you where you would be if the loyalty update was made that day. Your actual level will not be determined until the first day of the next month.

Loyalty Level Determination

The criteria for placement in any of the loyalty levels is a function of an individual customer's overall relationship with 4over. Some examples of factors that will positively impact your level include: length of time using 4over, the volume of orders placed with 4over, the dollar value of orders, orders placed on weekends, past loyalty levels, etc. We reevaluate these criteria on a regular basis.

–We'll give you an advantage over your competition, we'll help you market, we'll give you the edge– - Zarik Megerdichian

Last year a few of our loyal customers asked us the following question –€“ "What is the difference between us and the people that don't even place two orders a month? They get the same products at the same price and they compete with us."

Our response in 2010 is - "We heard you loud and clear and we will do anything in our power to give our loyal customers the competitive edge."

4over has developed a new Customer Loyalty Program that is designed to increasingly benefit each customer based on their loyalty to 4over, Inc. These benefits may include, but are not limited to:

Potential Benefits

  • Early / Exclusive access to new products & services
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Special pricing
  • Multiple rewards points on every purchase
  • Faster Turnarounds
  • Local delivery (where available)
  • Unbranded sales kit distribution
  • Input on new products

How do we know who is loyal?

We have developed a sophisticated algorithm that takes many factors in consideration including length of usage, membership period, order volume and frequency.

Am I a loyal customer?

As a 4over, Inc. customer you may be designated an "Premier Executive", "Admiral's Club" or "President's Club" loyalty level. When you log in to our trade site and see anything other than "Premier executive," 4over, Inc. recognizes you as a loyal customer. As our relationship with you strengthens and grows, you will move up the loyalty levels. Get a custom quote or save on shipping with local delivery (where available), or get exclusive access to high value new products and services. These are just some of the advantages that are available and many more are in the pipeline. (Not all benefits are available to all loyalty levels; the higher your loyalty level the greater your benefits).

NOTE: For competitive reasons we cannot disclose the details of our ranking algorithm. Our customer service department is not privy to any details of the program beyond your designation and the benefits associated with it. If you have questions please contact Marketing/Business Development. Please keep in mind that in order to preserve the integrity of this program we may not be able to divulge certain details beyond what has been outlined on this page.

Some feedback about our loyalty program:

"We found out about 4 Over Inc. almost 3 years ago now and have been using 4over ever since exclusively. –  We have built our entire business plan around 4over's offerings. – As you expand product offerings and discounts, we have been able to capitalize on MANY new accounts. – I just wanted to say thank you for rolling out a loyalty program that benefits us, the resellers who refuse to shop the competition and put full faith in 4over to treat us and our customers right. – You guys have always been great and I appreciate this initiative to prevent programs from going stale and to increase excitement in my business. – –  No worries, I–€™m confident we–€™ll be into the President's Club by the end of the year but for now we will settle gladly in the Admiral's Club! " - Drew

"I just wanted to say that i am very excited about this new program that you are rolling out... This week alone (and its only Wednesday lol) i was able to land 3 big jobs I normally wouldn't have been able to land!" - Henry