Are you a print reseller? Come to 4over for exceptional wholesale printing and partnership!

What is wholesale printing?

Wholesale printing is print work completed by a trade printer or wholesale printer in order to fulfill an order submitted to a print reseller. If you’re new to the industry, or just exploring new options, these terms may be new to you. No worries, we’ll take a moment to answer your questions here.

A print reseller is a person or business that sells print directly to a customer. Print resellers may do some printing themselves, but most of them rely on a wholesale printing from a wholesale printer or trade printer to execute and deliver the job. 4over requires a reseller certificate to verify you as a print reseller (because we are a trade-only printer, we are strict about who can access our exclusive wholesale prices).

Wholesale printers and trade printers invest in stocks, equipment, training, and a wide selection of products. This allows print resellers to offer an extensive variety of products and services to their customers without spending a significant amount of capital investment—wholesale and trade printers do it for them!

The wholesale printing business model allows print resellers to focus on what they love most - sales and customer care. Their wholesale printer or trade printer takes care of everything else.

What is a print wholesaler?

Also referred to as trade printers, wholesale printers are large and often multi-facility companies that complete and deliver wholesale print jobs for print resellers. They offer a wide range of products, stocks, equipment, and delivery options, which allows the print reseller to deliver on almost any project a customer requests.

The wholesale printer’s or trade printer’s name and logo do not appear anywhere throughout the production or delivery process, so as far as the customer knows, the print reseller is who made their project happen!

Who is 4over and what kind of wholesale printing does 4over specialize in?

4over LLC is one of the largest wholesale printers (or trade printers) in the U.S., with multiple production facilities across North America. A trusted source of wholesale printing fulfillment since 2001, we provide large franchise printers, single print shops, print brokers, graphic designers, photographers, and every type of print reseller imaginable, a vast selection of state-of-the-art equipment, quality products, and capabilities (e.g.gang-run offset, digital, large format, and promotional printing) they need to grow profitable businesses. No matter what your vision is as a print reseller, we can provide the wholesale printing that makes it possible!

As a wholesale printer, or trade printer, 4over specializes in printing marketing and trade show essentials like business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, booklets, roll labels, packaging, stickers, and signs of all kinds!

4over also provides wholesale printing of large format projects such as yard signs, wayfinding signs, banners, window graphics, floor graphics, and large signs for product launches, retail environments, events, trade shows, and more!

At 4over, we know what your customers want—and what you want too!Your customers want quality, affordable, and quick print! You want a partner with your best interests at heart.

At 4over, we do more than give you a great product. We give you great partnership too!

What are the Benefits of Becoming a 4over Partner?

  • We are a wholesale printer (or trade printer) and do not compete with you by going direct to the consumer. We want your business to grow and thrive!
  • We only serve print resellers, unlike some competitors who offer consumer access. We grow only when you grow!
  • We verify all customers through a multi-step process to ensure they have a valid print reseller certificate on file, which must be re-verified annually. There is no way a print reseller’s customer can “sneak in the back door” and order from 4over directly.
  • We reward our print resellers with discounts for repeat business through our loyalty program and marketing support—season after season.
  • Our goal is to offer the best value while balancing high-quality wholesale printing with competitive pricing.