Fan Cutout

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Fan Cutouts bring the audience to an event when the audience isn't able to participate physically. Fans can show their support during their favorite teams' games, school games, graduation, or any other digital event. Help those celebrating birthdays or any other special occasion become the face of any front yard!
  • Size
    • 18" x 30"
  • Stock
    • 4mm White Coroplast
  • Colorspec
    • 4/0 (4 color front)
  • Flute Directions
    • Flute Direction (Vertical)
  • Contour Cut
    • Fan Cutout
  • Grommets
    • None
    • Top Corners Only
  • H-Stakes
    • No
    • Yes
  • Easel Back
    • 24" Easel Back
    • No Easel Back
File Preparation: For specific instructions see our FAQ’s (e.g. Akuafoil and Spot UV).
Resolution: 300dpi
Color Mode: CMYK
Bleed: 1” (0.5 on each side)
File Types: PDF (recommended), JPG, EPS and TIFF
18" X 30"