Oval Business Cards

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Product Description

Oval business cards offer a subtle, distinctive shape that stands out from the rest. These unique, eye-catching business cards are sure to make an impact and help your customers present themselves perfectly. 

Printed in full color with silk or gloss lamination, 16pt or 20pt, oval business cards can be printed horizontally or vertically.

Oval Business Card Uses

  • Real Estate
  • Contractors
  • Law Professionals
  • Retail
  • Banking/Investing
  • Healthcare
  • Artists/Photographers
  • Size
    • 2" x 3.5" (US Standard)
  • Shape
    • Oval
  • Stock
    • 16PT C2S
    • 20PT-Clear Plastic
    • 20PT-Frosted Plastic
    • 20PT-White Plastic
  • Colorspec
    • 4/4 (4 color both sides)
    • 4/0 (4 color front)
    • 4/1
  • Coating
    • Matte
    • No Coating
    • UV on 4-color side
  • Lamination
    • Silk
  • Digital Proofs
    • PDF Proofs (per set)
  • Job Samples
    • Sample of Completed job (per set)
  • Turnaround Time
    • 4 Business Days
    • 7 Business Days
File Preparation: For specific instructions see our FAQ’s (e.g. Akuafoil and Spot UV).
Resolution: 300dpi
Color Mode: CMYK
Bleed: 0.125” (0.625 on each side)
File Types: PDF (recommended), JPG, EPS and TIFF
2" x 3.5"
Oval (Horizontal)
Oval (Vertical)
  • Can oval business cards be printed on both sides?
    Yes, you have the option to print on both sides or just on the front side.
  • Is there more than one size option for oval business cards?
    No. Oval business cards are sized 2” x 3.5” (US standard)
  • Why does my business card crack around the edges?
    Cracking of the edges of a business card sometimes occurs when the card contains high values of ink, as in dark colors.  This usually happens on a small number of cards in the run. To prevent this, use lighter colors or if you must use dark colors, use as little ink as possible.
  • Can you write on the 20pt plastic stocks?
    You can write with a sharpie marker on opaque white business cards. Frosted or clear plastic cards cannot be written on.
  • Do you offer Next Day Production turnaround on oval business cards?
    Yes. 4over offers Next Day Production turnaround time for select business cards, including oval business cards.